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Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent on Amelia Island

Whether you are buying or selling a home, choosing the right real estate agent is essential to a successful transaction and a good experience. In the United States there are over two million realtors. With so many individuals competing for your business, how do you know which one is right for you?

All of us have family or friends, your first and best source of referrals should be from the people you trust the most. Ask them questions regarding their experience with their agent, how long was the process, was there good communication, did they have a plan for you? Once you get a few names contact the agents to set up a quick meeting and ask them a few pertinent questions. Below are some important questions that will help you identify the best real estate professional for you.

Questions to ask Real Estate Professional prior to hiring them

  1. How long have you been a real estate agent?

This question can help you identify those agents who have been in the industry for years, versus those who have jumped into the industry because the market is hot. Not that experience is the only variable to gauge success, as many newcomers are extremely talented agents. But due to the nature of real estate as being a commission only industry, an agent with longevity has seen both highs and lows and was able to make a living through both.

  1. How many clients do you typically service at the same time?

Basically what you are asking is do you have enough time for me? If an agent has a high number of clients’ they are trying the service at the same time it can be difficult to address the individual needs of each client. No one wants to feel like they are on the back burner due to their agent not being accessible. Customized service is always the best recipe for success.

  1. What areas do you service?

All agents are licensed to sell real estate in their home state, however you want an agent that knows the area. It is always best to choose an agent who lives in the local market. Their tie to the community can really help you navigate the Amelia Island market and assist you in making the right decision based on your real estate needs.

  1. What is your plan for my situation?

Whether you are a first-time buyer, seller, investor or are selling an expensive estate what plan will the agent have for your situation? The last thing you want is an agent who has little to no experience. Think about the different situations that could arise and ask the agent how they would handle them.

  1. How do you communicate with your clients?

Whether you are someone who needs constant communication or someone who just needs the occasional call, ask the agent how they will communicate with you? Set expectations right out of the gate, as well as methods of communication that work best for you (email, text, phone call, etc…).

  1. Do you have vendor recommendations?

A seasoned Realtor in Amelia Island has formed relationships with virtually every industry. If you are in need of a vendor (Plumber, Electrician, Mortgage Broker, Title Company, Inspector, etc…) they can often times refer a reputable company to you based on their many years of dealing with these different companies.

  1. Do you have references I can reach out to?

A reputable real estate agent will always be able to provide references of prior happy customers. Typically, you can also go online to see their reviews and how others have rated their services.

  1. What questions do you have for me and my situation?

This is probably one of the most important questions. An experienced Realtor will want to know everything about you, your wants, needs and requirements. They will also provide you with pertinent details of the local market and will help guide you to make the best, most informed decision based on your real estate requirements. This question will help you get a better understanding of their thought process, experience, aggressiveness and whether or not their approach is customer-centric which is of the utmost importance.

Your Amelia Island Realtor

Andrew Clark has years of experience with real estate. He specializes in all aspects of real estate transactions. Whether you are listing your home for sale, or are looking to purchase a new home Andrew is the Realtor your need on your side. As a resident of Amelia Island, Andrew knows the market and is intimately involved in the local community. If you are in need of assistance in buying or selling a home contact Andrew Clark today for your free consultation (682) 239-4282.

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